Press release

Extinction Rebellion shows public appetite for Government action to tackle climate change

As the Extinction Rebellion took to the streets of London and around the world, Christian Aid said the Government must no longer 'delay or avoid' taking necessary action. 

Tom Viita, Christian Aid’s UK Advocacy Manager, said: “Extinction Rebellion is but the latest sign that people are losing tolerance for the excuses and inaction of those in power. With climate change, the stakes are too high.

“The warnings of climate change have been clear for decades, yet too many governments and multinational companies have deliberately delayed and avoided the necessary action. Meanwhile the consequences of climate damage have become more and more brutal – most obviously among the poorest who face dying crops, prolonged droughts, or devastating typhoons.

“In the last ten years over 1000 environmental activists have been killed worldwide, with many more arrested or imprisoned for taking part in peaceful protests. The solution to climate breakdown is not more arrests or heavier police presence, but adequate action from governments and those in power.

“We therefore join the calls of protestors for the UK Government to set more ambitious climate targets combined with credible, well-funded policies to achieve them.

“The protestors of the Extinction Rebellion are yet another example of the groundswell of support for action on greenhouse gas emissions. On June 26th Christian Aid welcomes everyone to join the mass lobby of Parliament to meet their elected MPs to deliver a step change in climate action.”