Press release

School strikers to have climate demands raised in mass lobby of Parliament

As school children go on strike in the UK and around the world today, Christian Aid has called on members of the public to take their message to MPs next month

Christian Aid’s Youth and Campaigns Manager, Richard Baker, said their voice needed to be heard by Parliament: “For many of the children out on strike they are too young to vote and so they do not have a say in who forms the Government.  And yet it is they who will suffer from the lack of Government action on climate change. 

“Today's climate policies will be felt by them more than anyone so we’re calling on people to bring their message directly to MPs as part of a mass lobby of Parliament taking place on Wednesday June 26.”

Ten thousand people are expected to take part in the Time Is Now lobby which will see constituents from across the country calling for their MPs to take urgent action to address the climate emergency and legislate for a UK net-zero emissions date no later than 2045.  MPs will be ferried from Parliament in rickshaws to meet their constituents.

Mr Baker said: “The school strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests, not to mention public polls, show that there is a growing concern in the country for the Government to take swift action to address the climate crisis.  This is an opportunity for individuals to use their democratic right and put these concerns to MPs face to face.”

People can sign up for the Time Is Now lobby at