Press release

Millions displaced as monsoon causes devastation in south Asia

Millions of people have been displaced, as monsoon rains cause extreme flooding and devastation in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The most vulnerable have been hit the hardest. Children are particularly affected, with widespread damage and closure to primary schools. 

Shivani Rani, Christian Aid’s Emergency Programme Officer for South Asia, said:  “Huge numbers of families have been affected, many uprooted and living either in government organised camps or in makeshift shelters. Lack of food, clean water and sanitation are serious issues here with many people stuck in their houses in inaccessible villages. Minority communities, including Dalit groups are the most vulnerable, often unable to access vital food, water and sanitation”.

“Climate change is making weather more extreme and more unpredictable. The poorest people are hit the hardest. The death toll continues to rise”.

6.3 million have been affected in India, across 42 districts with Bihar, Assam and Utter Pradesh states most affected. Heavy rains and flooding have caused people to lose their homes. Many villages are marooned by water, making it difficult for people to reach safer locations. Communication systems are highly disrupted.

Christian Aid has helped people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal to prepare for disasters over several years but is appealing for much needed support to respond to the scale of need.

Country programme and humanitarian staff in India and Bangladesh are available for interview on request.