Press release

Coal phaseout a moral and environmental necessity says Christian Aid

Christian Aid has welcomed the address from Michael Bloomberg in Bonn today, announcing the financial support to grassroots anti-coal campaigns across Europe.

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, said: “Coal really is public enemy number one.  Not only does it pollute our air and water, it is destroying our chances of keeping our climate healthy. Coal is a fundamental threat to the lives of people around the world who cannot afford for global temperatures to keep on rising like they are.

“As the first continent to industrialise, Europe has a responsibility to lead the way in cleaning up its energy system. Getting coal out of the mix needs to be at the top of governments’ to-do list. 

“What makes the use of coal such a moral scandal is that it so unnecessary.  We now have better energy alternatives. The cost of renewables is falling rapidly while coal investments are increasingly loss making as the world realises it has no long-term future.  Countries like the UK, Italy and France have already promised to completely phase out coal – it’s time for the rest of Europe to follow suit.

“This is why Christian Aid has been running the Big Shift campaign, to get finance out of fossil fuels like coal. As long as banks, both private and multilateral development banks, are pouring money into coal projects then coal will continue to be dug up and burned.  Turning off the finance tap is vital.”