Press release

Christian Aid welcomes slow and steady progress as Bonn talks come to a close

As the climate talks in Bonn came to a close Christian Aid said countries were finally getting closer to creating a useful rulebook on how the Paris Agreement will be implemented.

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, said he was now much more optimistic about landing the rulebook on how national actions are to be assessed at the end-of-year summit in Katowice, Poland.

He said: “We created the medicine when we signed the Paris Agreement and we’re now writing the instructions on how we must use it to heal ourselves.  

“This gathering in Bonn was always going to be a technical meeting. After a slow two weeks we have some clear guidance for the co-chairs who are overseeing the talks to work on the rules which will guide how we implement the Paris Agreement.”

He warned that the big remaining issue to be resolved was that of climate finance which threatened to cause a problem in Poland if not resolved.

He said: “What has become clear has been the need from poorer countries for much stronger signals that the funding they have been promised to implement their emissions reductions plans will be delivered.  

“The radio silence on money has sown fears among poor countries that their wealthier counterparts are not serious about honouring their promises. This funding is not just a bargaining chip, it is essential for delivering the national plans that make up the Paris Agreement. 

“For the Paris Agreement to be a success we need the Katowice summit to be a success. And for the Katowice summit to be a success we need assurances that sources of funding will be coming.”