Press release

Christian Aid response to new study by Climate Action Tracker on Paris Agreement progress 

Here is Christian Aid's response to the findings of a new report from the Climate Action Tracker which shows that if current targets are met global temperature rise may be limited to 2.1C. 

Dr Kat Kramer, climate change lead at Christian Aid, said:
“While it’s obviously positive news that current climate pledges bring us closer to bridging the gap to the emissions reductions that are needed, they still do not come close enough to the Paris goal of trying to limit warming to 1.5ºC, the maximum warming acceptable to the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Recent studies have shown that positive feedbacks in the climate system may come into play below 2ºC, which could lead to runaway climate change.
“It’s important to note that there is little published information on how to achieve the net zero goals. What matters for the climate is total emissions over time – we need a serious frontloading of action in the next few years. The COVID economic recovery does provide an important opportunity to invest money wisely to achieve this.
“Long terms goals are good but it’s clear that Governments need to act more quickly in the short term and focus on a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, ending ecosystem destruction and building resilience of communities vulnerable to climate impacts”.