Press release

Christian Aid responds to comments by Speaker Pelosi at COP25 climate summit

Responding to the comments by Speaker Pelosi at the COP25 climate summit in Madrid, Christian Aid’s Global Climate Lead, Dr Katherine Kramer, said:
“At a time when the President of the USA has neglected his responsibilities of global leadership it’s good to be reminded there are plenty of other Americans that continue to push for action to tackle climate change, be that city and state leaders, businesses or civil society.  It just shows how isolated the White House is on the major issue of our time, with every other country remaining within the Paris Agreement despite the US threatening to withdraw.
“Large historic emitters like the USA have a responsibility to step up at this summit and help those poor countries that are suffering consequences that cannot be adapted to. This issue of ‘loss and damage’ will take central stage at the Madrid summit as countries negotiate a specific mechanism for providing finance to the most affected communities, almost all of which have done the least to cause the climate crisis.”