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Christian Aid launches new Charity Gifts to help mothers escape poverty this Christmas

Christian Aid’s virtual gift shop, Charity Gifts, has launched five new offerings for Christmas 2019 that could provide a lifeline to women, particularly mothers, living in poverty.
These gifts could support those living with the effects of gender inequality – a major cause and effect of poverty.  It is estimated that one in three women experience gender-based violence within their lifetime, and approximately one third of married women in developing countries report having little or no say over their own healthcare.
A gift could provide a woman in India with training in tailoring (£19), giving her a life-changing opportunity to send her children to school and break the generational cycle of poverty.  A weaving loom (£40) for a woman in Afghanistan could give her the opportunity to earn a sustainable income.
Other new gifts include an emergency shelter (£28) for a woman and her family in Afghanistan, so they can survive the harsh winter and hot summer until they are able to return home; a child-friendly space (£93) to help a child living in a refugee camp to feel safe again; and a turkey (£7) that could provide a family in Bangladesh with both food and a healthy income from meat and eggs.
Christian Aid's head of strategic communications, Deborah Auty said: “We are encouraging the public to buy ethically this Christmas and consider buying a Charity Gift present, instead of a traditional one, for their friends and family.
“We have a wide range of gifts, which will appeal to adult and children alike, with prices to suit all budgets.  Every purchase acts as a donation to the work of Christian Aid and its local partners. Each present is accompanied by a lively card explaining more about the gift and the related project.”
Just £9 could provide a child living in the occupied Palestinian territory with antibiotics, or £20 could provide a woman in Brazil with a safe place to sleep for a night and counselling after experiencing domestic violence.
For a slightly higher budget, £115 could provide mothers and children in remote Kenya with a mobile health clinic to provide much-needed medical care, including antenatal check-ups and immunisations, in remote areas, or £150 could provide a cow for a woman in Ethiopia, giving them higher social status and an income, as well as milk and meat.
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