Press release

Christian Aid expresses deep regret over cancellation of COP25 UN climate summit in Chile, stands in solidarity with civil society

Responding to the news that the COP25 UN climate summit has been cancelled for December in Chile, Dr Alejandro González, Christian Aid’s Senior Advisor on Climate Change for Latin American Countries, said:

“Christian Aid regrets the circumstances that have led to the suspension of COP25 in Santiago de Chile. The climate emergency is real and all our efforts to take action now must be a priority. The fact that this COP would be held in Latin America and the Caribbean would have given us an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges the region has in the face of an unfair system that deepens climate change effects while driving profound inequalities. The protests in Chile are an important reminder that transformation must be undertaken to address both inequality and climate crisis, and that climate justice and social justice cannot be treated separately.

“Therefore Christian Aid stands in solidarity with the Chilean civil society which has worked very hard in the past year to enable COP25 to be an space of real climate action, and with the Chilean people who are peacefully expressing their call for a just social and economic system, where democracy and constitutional rights are respected.”