Press release

Christian Aid calls on new President of Colombia to implement the 2016 peace agreement, amid concerns that changes may be made

Christian Aid has called on the newly-elected President of Colombia to implement the peace agreement signed in 2016, amid concerns that changes may be made. 

Colombia elected Ivan Duque from far-right wing party, Centro Democrático, as its new President, after going to the polls yesterday, Sunday, 17th June. Mr Duque pledged to make substantial adjustments to the peace agreement between the government and the FARC, during his political campaign.

Thomas Mortensen, Christian Aid´s Country Manager in Colombia, said:

“We encourage Ivan Duque to implement the peace agreement signed in 2016 and to use his power to put an end to the conflict and guarantee the rights of Colombia´s 8.4 million registered victims.

“Should the new President modify the peace agreement, there is a danger that the number of FARC dissidents could increase. The potential changes could also put at risk current peace negotiations being held between the government and another guerrilla group, the ELN.

“We are concerned that weakening the transitional justice system would make it practically impossible to break with the cycle of widespread impunity for state crimes and for crimes involving business people, who have collaborated with armed groups.”

Christian Aid has been working with local organisations in Colombia supporting communities to defend their rights to land and to live a life free from violence for more than twenty years. Since the beginning of the peace talks in 2012, the organisation has supported communities to pro-actively engage with the peace process.