Press release

Christian Aid calls for Syria ceasefire and humanitarian access

  • Impassioned call from local partner comes three years after the world watched in horror at final days of Aleppo bombardment
As tens of thousands of people flee towns and villages in Idlib amid intensified fighting, Christian Aid’s local partner - who we do not name for security reasons - based in southern Turkey and operating in the Idlib governorate said “history is repeating itself - today is a black winter again as we are watching the people being shelled by the regime and they have been left alone.”
Hope, they say, is thin on the ground, where 203,709 people have been displaced because of the aerial bombardment by the Syrian government and Russian planes.
The need for basic shelter, food, and heating is enormous with little or no aid being received. The partners related that their staff on the ground are using their own salaries to buy much-needed provisions for the displaced.
Our partner added, “The rest of the world has left the Syrians to be killed and to die by the bombs of the regime and the cold weather.”
Christian Aid calls for an immediate ceasefire and for full humanitarian access for these hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals who are facing days of freezing temperatures, rain and snow without a roof over their heads.