Press release

Government recognising it got it wrong on aid cuts but real damage already being done, says Christian Aid

Responding to the integrated review of security, defence, development and foreign policy, Christian Aid’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Patrick Watt, said:
“Today’s pledge to return to 0.7 per cent is a first step towards the government recognising that it’s got it wrong on aid cuts. But saying that it will only do this ‘when the fiscal situation allows’ is deeply concerning, and suggests that it will continue to renege on its legally binding target. We’re already seeing hastily implemented cuts to countries like Yemen and South Sudan doing real damage to life-saving work. In reality, £5 billion of aid cuts was never really about saving money, and is a rounding error when set against the government’s domestic rescue package. At a time when global poverty is rising sharply, Britain should be sticking to its international commitments. We need the government immediately to adopt a timeframe for returning to 0.7 per cent.”