Press release

Following news that President Biden will support a proposal to waive Covid-19 vaccine patents, Patrick Watt, director of policy, public affairs & campaigns at Christian Aid, said:

"Christian Aid warmly welcomes the US government's announcement that it will support the waiving of intellectual property rules to allow more manufacturers to make vital Covid-19 vaccines. Alongside partners in the People’s Vaccine Alliance, Christian Aid urges other governments, including the UK, to follow this example and support the initiative led by India and South Africa to enable more companies and more countries to scale up production of life-saving vaccines.
“President Biden has shown strong moral leadership and listened to the calls from faith leaders, Nobel laureates, public health experts and the World Health Organisation. It is now time for other world leaders to step up to the plate. This is the right thing to do, as well as the smart thing, in the midst of the biggest global health emergency in generations.
“The growing global inequality in vaccines is an affront to dignity; none of us are safe, until all of us are safe. As well as waiving intellectual property rules, rich countries should provide the desperately needed funding for COVAX, invest in vaccine infrastructure and technology transfer for this global public good, live up to their aid commitments and help ensure all countries can invest in the healthcare systems they need by cancelling unpayable debts.
“Financial gain must not get in the way of ensuring the dignity, equality and safety of the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities, who remain at the back of the queue in the global vaccine rollout.”