Press release

Climate change the world's greatest security threat says Christian Aid ahead of UN Security Council

Ahead of tomorrow's UK-hosted meeting of the UN Security Council which will focus on climate change, Christian Aid’s climate policy lead, Dr Kat Kramer, said:
“Climate change is becoming the world’s most serious security threat so it’s good to see the Security Council putting the issue front and centre.
“Millions of the world’s poorest people are already living with the impacts of climate change which is forcing displacement, devastating livelihoods and putting pressure on communities who are competing over resources such as land and water. 
“In some countries these impacts become the drivers of local conflicts which can be instrumentalised by leaders and escalate into violence and war. This threat of violence and insecurity threatens to undermine international peace and security.
“However, there are steps that can be taken, a recent study in Mali and Somalia shows that investment in efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change can build peace and social cohesion.
“It’s vital that international leaders get funding directly to local NGOs, particularly women and youth, who know the contexts best.”


Winning the Peace: Peacebuilding and Climate Change in Mali and Somalia can be accessed here: