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Church of England Bishop becomes lockdown Tiktok star for Christian Aid Week

The Bishop of Dunwich, Mike Harrison (@Bishop_Dunwich) has joined the Tiktok craze after watching his teenage children mastering the infamous dance routines.
The father-of-four released his latest effort to his Twitter followers – which sees him swap outfits with his teenage daughter, Sarah – this week, dedicating it to the annual fundraiser, Christian Aid Week (10-16 May).
Bishop Mike, who is married to Rachel, said: “I’d been watching my teenage children dancing all the time, and we decided it would be fun to do – and hopefully put a smile of people’s faces during this time.
“My friends and family have loved it – some have said it’s made them happier than any other tweet they’ve seen - I’m bowled over by the reactions.”
Christian Aid Week this year is raising money for poor and marginalised communities around the world who will be significantly impacted by the spread of coronavirus.
Bishop Mike added: “We have been long-time supporters of Christian Aid having seen at first hand some of the superb projects they are involved in worldwide, whether in health care, vocational training, microenterprises enabling people to make a living or crisis intervention.
“Christian Aid enable the poorest of the poor to stand on their own feet and realise the dignity and respect due to all human beings - generosity focused in such an outward-looking and compassionate way is great for the projects and a blessing to those caught up in being generous and compassionate.”
Christian Aid’s Head of Community Fundraising and Public Engagement, Chine McDonald, said: “In times of crisis the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised are at the greatest risk. We are seeing fantastic examples of coronavirus bringing people together, of neighbours across the UK helping those who are vulnerable.
“Christian Aid Week cannot be a community celebration in the usual sense, where people come together for sales and Big Brekkies and special services and such like. But Bishop Mike shows us how community can still thrive in different ways.”
The organisation is currently responding to the crisis in 13 countries around the world for example in Myanmar where its local partners have distributed soap to more than 30,000 people and distributed 2,000 surgical masks.
To find out other ideas about how to celebrate Christian Aid Week digitally - including a 300,000 steps in May challenge - visit