Press release

Christian Aid's response to Japan's 'shameful' new climate pledge

Responding to the new climate change plan submitted by Japan on Monday, Christian Aid's Global Climate Lead, Dr Kat Kramer, said:

“Japan’s feeble and unchanged national climate commitment is an international disgrace. The fact they are smuggling it out during a global pandemic when it will avoid the scrutiny it deserves is shameful. 

"Japan is a rich country that has the resources and historic responsibility to make big strides to decarbonise its economy. Yet it has utterly failed to enhance its highly insufficient pledge, that will only compound the misery of people on the front line of the climate crisis who need countries like Japan to act with urgency to do its fair share in addressing the climate crisis.
“Japan not only plans to fail to reach net zero emissions by 2050, which the IPCC indicates is needed to limit heating to 1.5C, but relies on meeting its weak goal with unproven, and thus uncertain, technologies such as “artificial photosynthesis”


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