Press release

Christian Aid warns EU its climate blockers are making it look a fool on the global stage

Responding to the EU Council conclusions, Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, said:

“It is quite shameful that in the midst of a climate emergency the European Union has relegated it’s 2050 net-zero discussion to a mere footnote.

“In the past the EU led the way on tackling the dangers of our climate crisis and yet now it is held hostage by four East European polluters that have scuppered efforts for the rest of the bloc.

“With the other 24 countries rightly in favour of urgent climate action they must force this issue back to the table at the next council meeting.

“With the UN Secretary General’s Global Action Summit taking place in September the EU must have its net-zero preparations and the process for enhancing their 2030 climate plan in place by then otherwise it risks making a fool of itself on the global stage.

“The EU is in danger of being associated with climate pariah states like the US and Brazil. They must stop hiding behind a handful of blockers if they want to claim any leadership on the global stage.”