Press release

Christian Aid response to IEA’s World Energy Outlook report

Responding to the World Energy Outlook report, published by the International Energy Agency on Tuesday October 13, Christian Aid’s Global Climate Lead, Dr Kat Kramer said:

“It is clear that we are entering the age of renewables.  The falling costs, ease of deployment and benefit for the climate all make them far superior to the polluting fossil fuels of the past.

“Although the death knell is rightfully sounding for the fossil fuel industry, it’s not yet clear whether the transition to a zero-carbon economy will come fast enough to prevent the most destructive impacts of the climate crisis. It’s no longer a question of how many years do we have left to save the planet, we’re already seeing extreme weather, rising sea levels and hotter temperatures causing misery around the world.

“The report is clear that this is a unique moment in history for Governments to accelerate the transition to clean energy.  With vast amounts of economic stimulus being spent there is an opportunity like no other to put the world on a path that secures a safe climate for everyone.

“The report shows the huge potential of renewables around the world, with much of it in poorer countries.  But these countries need to see international investment to help them harness the solar, wind and geothermal energy that is on their doorstep.”


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