Press release

Christian Aid response to Chile's new plans to peak emissions by 2025

Responding to the publication of Chile's national climate plan, under the Paris Agreement, (known as their nationally determined contribution or NDC) Dr Kat Kramer, Christian Aid’s Global Climate Lead, said:

“Chile’s new climate action plan represents a good step forward from its previous pledge under the Paris Agreement, which was rated by the thinktank Climate Action Tracker as ‘highly insufficient'.  Chile had already announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2050, but the new detail of peaking emissions by 2025 and setting out its carbon budget to 2030, give needed clarity on the planned trajectory to achieve that goal.
“While Chile’s climate plan promising lots of reforestation, the devil may be in the detail. Chile needs to ensure that this is ecosystem restoration, rather than just plantations of monoculture non-native trees, which do little to increase the country’s resilience to climate impacts or restore lost biodiversity.
“Despite now dealing with the Covid-19, Chile has done what all but a handful of countries have so far failed to do, upgraded its national climate plan. The climate crisis is not going away, and governments need to ensure that their post-Covid-19 stimulus packages are socially just and accelerate the zero-carbon transition, not the climate crisis.”