Press release

Christian Aid response to CCC sixth carbon budget advice

Responding to the latest advice by the Climate Change Committee, on the UK’s sixth Carbon Budget, Dr Kat Kramer, who Christian Aid’s climate lead, said:
“It is exciting to see the Climate Change Committee finding that the costs of a sustainable COVID recovery are actually a boon to the economy, not a cost. While investments are needed, the costs we avoid from climate catastrophes are far less than the financial costs of action. Such investments will cost far less than 1% of UK GDP over the next thirty years.
“The key takeaway is the need to frontload emissions reduction, not carry on as normal and then drastically cut before the 2030 deadline.  We need to ensure that the COVID economic stimulus is wisely used to promote a transition away from fossil fuel use. 
“The challenge for the UK is to work with others to make sure the transition to a sustainable economy is global and that poorer countries are adequately supported in their clean development. The UK’s presidency of the G7 is an opportunity for this economic mobilisation. The CCC’s report is a clarion call to action, and we call on the government to respond with the needed urgency.”