Press release

Christian Aid partner Global Alliance for Tax Justice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice – of which Christian Aid is a founding member as part of Tax Justice Europe – has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, alongside the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
Matti Kohonen, Christian Aid’s economic justice policy lead, said: “Huge congratulations to our partner. Poverty won’t be over without tackling tax injustice and illicit financial flows.
“We still treat these issues as being legal or lawful, as international norms and treaties are lacking, but the key contribution of civil society is to show how they abuse human rights and prevent realisation of the promise to end poverty and tackle inequality.”
The nomination states:
“The outstanding work of the ICIJ to expose illicit flows, and the mammoth achievement of the GATJ to build national and international pressure for accountability and fair taxation — warrants attention, recognition and support. They are, independently and by different means, trailblazers in creating a world where financial incentives for conflict, wars, human rights abuses and violence are non-existent. These courageous journalists and civil society organizations play a critical role in documenting corruption and Illicit flows, often while putting their lives in peril in the process.”