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Christian Aid decries collective political failure on Syria

Responding to the US airstrike in Syria last night, Christian Aid’s Programme Officer for Syria, Máiréad Collins, said:

“It is paramount that the UK and other governments push for an immediate cessation of violence by all parties to the conflict and for world leaders to prioritise the establishment of a peaceful settlement in Syria that serves all of its citizens equally.

“As long as the violence continues, necessary humanitarian interventions inside Syria continue to be slowed or stopped entirely.

“Any further military action, such as the US strike last night, will likely only add to civilian suffering and deepen insecurity. This is underlined by the reported fresh bombing today of Khan Sheikhoun, the town which suffered the sarin gas attack this week. 

“The depravity unleashed by the Syrian war throws into sharp relief the deep malaise that has gripped the international community. As world leaders line up to apportion blame, the reality is that Syria represents a collective political failure.

“Christian Aid welcomes the recent UK government pledge of £1bn in aid for education, jobs and stability for Syrian refugees and their host communities, while noting that there must be further progress made to ensure that these objectives can actually be met in both Lebanon and Jordan. The UK Government must continue to work with host governments to provide an environment in which access to jobs, education and stability is possible.”

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