Press release

Cautious welcome for Afghanistan-US peace agreement 

Christian Aid statement responding to recent Taliban-US Government agreement:

Christian Aid welcomes any progress towards much-needed peace in Afghanistan. After 40 years of war, many Afghans have never known peace. Many have experienced terrible suffering as a result of violent conflict. However, to be meaningful, the agreement announced on 29 February, between the United States Government and the Taliban, must pave the way towards a comprehensive, representative and inclusive peace process within Afghanistan. 

Despite the turmoil of conflict, the past decade has seen significant progress towards accountability for human rights and democracy in Afghanistan, and young people especially are hopeful for a better future. It is important that these gains, which are foundations for sustainable peace and prosperity, are maintained. In particular we share the concerns of our partner organisations that there should be no erosion of women’s rights and equality as enshrined in Afghanistan’s Constitution.

The recent agreement is just a preliminary one. There remains significant uncertainty and much to be done to build trust. It is important that, as intra-Afghan talks move forwards, the international community continues its much-needed support to Afghanistan, including by supporting civil society organisations and ensuring the safety of their staff as they carry out their vital work. The Afghan people have suffered enormously, and deserve a better future that upholds human rights for all.